Kandy-2500 Old Sacred City

Kandy is a beautiful city located in the central hills...

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Kandy is a beautiful city located in the central hills of Sri Lanka. It is renowned for its rich history, cultural significance, and stunning natural beauty. Here’s some information about traveling to Kandy:

Getting there

  1. The most common way to reach Kandy is by train or road. If you’re coming from Colombo, you can take a train from Colombo Fort Station to Kandy, which offers scenic views of the countryside. The journey takes around 3-4 hours. Alternatively, you can take a bus or hire a private taxi for a more convenient option.
  2. Attractions: City is famous for its cultural heritage, and one of its major attractions is the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa). It is a significant Buddhist temple that houses a tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The annual Esala Perahera, a grand procession, takes place in Kandy, attracting visitors from all over the world.
  3. Royal Botanical Gardens: Located in nearby Peradeniya, the Royal Botanical Gardens is a must-visit attraction. It is one of the largest botanical gardens in South Asia and offers a wide variety of plant species, beautiful orchid collections, and scenic landscapes.
  4. Udawatta Kele Sanctuary: If you’re interested in nature and hiking, Udawatta Kele Sanctuary is an excellent place to visit. It is a protected forest reserve situated behind the Temple of the Tooth Relic. You can explore its walking trails, observe wildlife, and enjoy panoramic views of Kandy from the viewpoint.
  5. Kandy Lake: Adjacent to the Temple of the Tooth Relic, Kandy Lake (Bogambara Lake) is a picturesque man-made lake. Taking a leisurely stroll around the lake is a popular activity, especially during the evening when the surroundings are beautifully illuminated.
  6. Cultural shows: To experience traditional Sri Lankan dance and music, consider attending a cultural show in Kandy. These shows usually take place in the evening and provide insights into the country’s vibrant cultural heritage.
  7. Exploring the city: Take some time to wander around Kandy’s streets and markets to soak up its local atmosphere. You’ll find a range of shops selling handicrafts, gemstones, and spices. Don’t forget to try some traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, including delicious curries and hoppers.

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